About Me
My family
Fact file
First Name: Alice
Second Name: Grace
Last Name: Singer
Birthday: 21.August.2002
Height: 4'2"
Me & my ponies
I have two lovely ponies named Tess and Mouse. Who are completly diffrent , since
Mouse is flea bitten grey,and Tess is black , who you will see left from this writing.

Both my beautiful ponies love to jump and play in water with amber and i ,espeacily in puddles on hacks ,
they are hilarious and i love them both beacause there amazing.
My blog

31st December 2012 new years eve
Today i shall start my blog on my brand new website which will be all about me and only me.

11th January 2013
Its 11 days into new year and i have started back at school and i am having so
much fun with all my friends . i hope everyone else is as happy as me .i loved
the fireworks on new years.

27th January 2013
Today is my last day working on my wonderful website though of course i will
keep writing on my blog becauuse it's mine and it's special and good to do when i am bored.
19th July 2013
i lied ,sorry but i haveto update it like this but i know that no one is accutally intrested
and i have nothing to say.